Locker Room Loyalty Rewards Program

Locker Room Loyalty Rewards Program

Earn points when you complete activities

Create an account:
Earn 100 Points for creating an account

Happy Birthday:
Get 250 reward points on your birthday

Make a purchase:
you will earn 2 reward points for every purchase per £1.00 spent

Refer a friend:
receive 150 points for referring a friend

Visit the store:
Earn 25 points each time you visit the store (you must spend 5 minutes browsing the store to earn the points)

Spend £80.00 to receive 250 points:
Reach our spending goal and earn 250 points 

On 10 orders receive 2000 points:
receive 2000 points when you reach 10 orders

Leave us a review on our website:
Receive 80 points per review

Follow us on Instagram:
Receive 150 points for following us on Instagram

Follow us on twitter:
Receive 80 points for following us on twitter

Follow us on facebook:
Receive 150 points for following us on facebook

Share us on facebook:
Receive 200 points for sharing us on facebook

Allow push notifications:
Earn 150 points when you allow push notifications


Redeem points on the store to get rewards

£10 off your order:
5,000 points

£20 off your order:
20,000 points

£30 off your order:
30,000 points

30% off your order:
15,000 points